Business visits and culture

Business trips to China

Personal contacts and regular visits to your cooperation partners and customers are very important and essential for doing and continuing your business operations in China. We can assist you with tailor-made visiting programs, arranging seminars, act as advisors and interpretors during your visit to China, and follow-up on your visits and contacts. 

Business visits from China

In CNDK FOCUS will have assisted several Chinese official and business delegations with planning and implementing their visits to Danmark and other EU countries.


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Business culture

For foreigners Chinese business culture may seem rather complex. There is a strong emphasis on hierarchy and using the correct language is essential as negative replies are considered impolite. Chinese will seldom say “no” directly, but rather say “maybe” or “think about it”, and the phrase “no big problem” usually means problems. It is important not to let a Chinese loose face especially in front of others.

Business negotiations always start with “small talk” and before any contract may be signed Chinese negotiators will want to establish a strong relationship and get to know you better in a more social way by having dinners and drinks together. Be prepared for possible extensions of business negotiations and remember that Chinese business people may consider a contract to be a “letter of intent” that can be adjusted as the cooperation develops. You may, therefore, have to make several trips to China in order to obtain your targets.

It is recommended to learn and use a few Chinese words and phrases, and make sure to bring plentiful of business cards (in English and Chinese) as Chinese business people are very keen to exchange business cards.

In CNDK FOCUS we can guide you in Chinese business culture, help to find a suitable Chinese name for you and offer Chinese culture sessions.


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