In the design and artwork fields we have launched a new brand - Designartem® - with focus on China and Europe.
Under the theme "Cozy Cooliving" and influenced by Nordic life style we aim at implementing aesthetic, minimalistic, and functional designs in all aspects of life from daily green living to fashion and arts areas from West to East and vice versa, in combination with the Chinese "Feng Shui" philosophy on how to obtain a smooth and harmounious lifestyle. 
Designartem® is inspired by European designers with an open mind set during the creative designing process, and interacts with international designers with focus on the “Cozy Cooliving” theme which is symbolized by creative, handmade and environment friendly products with elegant functionality and sustainability in the high-ends consumer market.
In Asia we are focusing on promoting Nordic and European designers towards the Asian markets with focus on China from our Designartem®platform on the Chinese social media mobile application Wechat. If you are interested in exploring the sales potential for your design products in China feel free to contact us.
In Europe we aim at promoting a selection of creations and artwork of new and modern Chinese designers through our new webshop: as they are gaining increased recognition in the western markets.

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During the period 26th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2018 we were participating on the Copenhagen Guest City pavilion LIVING is GIVING in the Beijing Art District 798, D-Park 751.

After the first three hectic official VIP days (26th - 28th Sept.) at the Beijing Design Fair (BJDW) that included the visit of HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark to the Danish Pavilion and the Designartem® booth, the exhibition continued for 6 days (until 4th Oct.) during which the Chinese general public and consumers had access to the exhibition.

During the whole duration of the exhibition Designartem® encountered a keen interest for our ideas and activities and several of the exhibited design items.

Below you will find some photos from the official opening and the visit of HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark to the Designartem® booth which was also highligted in the local news by the Chinese Central TV (CCTV) and Beijing (BTV) TV stations. Please see link:













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