The Chinese society is facing major social and economic challenges within the eldercare sectors in the years to come due to the long term effects of the (until recently strict) one-child policy, the increasing and extensive urbanisation, the increased life expectancy, the still effective official retirement age of 60 years (55 years for females), and several other social changes.




The Chinese government has, therefore, implemented various measures to face the challenges of the fast growing ageing society including the development of pension schemes, strengthen home services for senior citizens and building more nursing homes. As such China considers it a long-term strategic task to actively confront the challenges posed by the aging Chinese society.

In China it is the tradition that the younger members of the family take care of the elderly, however, due to the (until recently strict) one-child policy the traditional family structure in many families is changing leading to an increase in the demand for effecient services for senior citizens and old-age nursing homes.


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Together with SOSU Sjælland CNDKFOCUS over the last couple of years been actively involved in and contributed to the development of the eldercare sector in the province of Zhejiang (south of Shanghai).


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