Green buildings

China is and will continue to be the largest market for building activities in the world. The continued strong economic growth and the expected migration of around 350-400 million people from rural to urban areas over the next 20 years will be the locomotive for the continued strong growth in the building sector with an expected production of 40 billion square meters of floor space over the next 20 years.

The Chinese building quality is generally low compared with Western standard, and the expected lifespan for new buildings is only 30-40 years. The Chinese government has issued ambitious objectives and guidelines for Green Buildings, but in reality Green Buildings only account for a few percent of the total number of square meters of floor space being built today.

China acknowledge that know how and technology are needed from abroad when it comes to city planning, integrated and environment friendly outdoor and interior design and architecture, etc., and Danish consulting engineers and architects are in China known for being among the leading in the world in those fields. 


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